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Please Register Using Final Forms


We are very excited that Highland Local Schools has partnered with FinalForms, an on-line program which will enable you and your student to complete & file MOST forms electronically.  After the initial inputting of information, this program will save time.  All parents of Highland students (PreSchool - Seniors) are asked to use this program.  This is a "Family Friendly" program.  The custodial Parent or Guardian must have a valid email address.  Middle and High School students should use their Highland email address.  Email addresses for elementary students are not required.  The #1 contact in Final Forms will be the number used for School Messenger.


Athletes Only:   The ONLY form that you are still required to actually print, complete, and file in the Athletic Department, is the actual OHSAA Physical form. The physical form must be completed by the doctor and by law we are required to have a signed copy on file. Once your student’s physical is received by the athletic department we will input the expiration date into FinalForms and then you will receive automatic notifications when your student’s forms need to be updated. 

Please visit the following link to get started:


Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork process.

Dan Freund