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3rd Grade Reading Guarantee

Dear Parents

Ohio legislators recently passed Senate Bill 316, a mandate that has made reading more important than ever.  Beginning next year, third graders who score below the designated score on the Reading Ohio Achievement Assessment will be retained in accordance with the requirements of SB 316.

The Third Grade Guarantee requires all students in grades K-3 to be administered a reading diagnostic assessment by September 30, of each school year.  In the HighlandSchool District, diagnostic assessments are not new.  Our classroom teachers already complete individualized student assessments and use the results and information from a variety of sources to plan for teaching and intervention in order to meet each child’s unique needs.

 As a result of those assessments, teachers must identify students as “On Track,” (meaning that their performance is meeting expectations for students entering the current grade level) or “NOT on Track” ( meaning that their performance is currently below expectations for the grade level to which they are entering.)

This new law requires Ohio school districts to develop and monitor a reading improvement plan for all students who are “not on track” according to the data collected.  In the event that the data should show a reading deficiency, a written notice will be sent to parents/guardians describing their child’s reading deficiency and the reading improvement plan.   Do not jump to the conclusion that a “Not on Track” status, based upon initial assessments on the first days of school, means that your child will not be successful in school.  At Highland we work hard to provide good teaching and support for all students. 

I encourage you to contact your teacher to know in what ways you can help your child succeed in school.   

Sincerely, Shawn Winkelfoos, Principal 

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