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Superintendent's Message


Superintendent's Message

With the arrival of spring it is nice to know that the worst weather of the school year is behind us and we can look forward to getting back to a normal schedule.  Because of the use of ten calamity days, Highland Local School District must amend our make-up plan for students. 

In doing so, we will have to make up one student school day on Thursday, April 17th

The district is allotted five calamity days and our contingency plan called for the utilization of blizzard bags for three make-up days.  State Legislature has also recently granted four additional calamity days, but only after a district has made up four days.  This formula leaves us with one day to be made up and one that is forgiven under the new law. 

Using a day over our spring break is more beneficial to students as they prepare for state testing and final exams than it would be to add a day to the end of the school year.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and welcome your questions or concerns if we can be of any assistance to you or your family. 

Go Scots!


William Dodds



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